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What happens if it goes wrong...

by Peter Beggs

Peter Beggs is a respected Webmaster who "hides" behind many top-10 organisations. He is a consultant but not for the likes of you and I, we were lucky to get his input on WHAT HAPPENS IF IT GOES WRONG...

Have you ever had that sinking feeling? You know, the one that makes your jaw drop a little. Then your stomach squirms. Times like that make you wonder where you went wrong.

OK... Let's get right down to it. What's the GO with GoDaddy?

According to Wikipedia, the owner of GoDaddy is Bob Parsons an American entrepeneur. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, like many self-made millionnaires he started with nothing. Parsons sensed opportunity in the early days when he noticed domains were just too expensive. Average people wanted to try out their domain name, and therefore their idea, before committing big $$$. Hence, GoDaddy was born and the rest is history. Whether Godaddy is good for you is another thing. There are some important factors you'll need to consider before deciding whether GoDaddy really is any good for you.

Are they best value?

GoDaddy generally charge around 10 bucks for a domain. They offer a range of "add-on" services which might not be right for you. Be careful before committing to them.

Like any sales process, upgrades are important. But are they useful? Godaddy offers promo packs with SEO stuff built in. They can also make your domain privately registered. Carefully consider whether these are useful.

Are they reliable?

Consider this: Imagine your business idea is a great success. So the domain name you've registered with "unreliabledomains.com" becomes inactive, or they go insolvent... what then?

This site is run by webmasters. We were chatting about this the other day and remembered a client who registered their domain with some "no-name" company. The story is lited elsewhere on this site, but it's worth a read. The implications of not knowing who your domain is actually registered with are pretty serious. So while GoDaddy may not be the cheapest, word is they're at least reliable.


What's the go with all the "hot chicks". Personally I don't care how a company markets itself, but if we remove the hype, and get down to basics, what is it about GoDaddy that would make you WANT to register with them.

As a "chick" here are my top-five reasons.
1] They're big. I believe dealing with a big company is safer, they're there when you need them. There is recall if something goes wrong.
2] They have good phone support. I've dealt with a few companies and phone support is priceless. Domain registrars are no different.
3] You keep the control. Dealing with GoDaddy direct gives you back the control.
4] They're fast. I like being able to register a domain and then get started. GoDaddy are nothing if not fast. I like fast...
5] The name. GoDaddy, it's so cheeky it's laughable. I like they don't take themselves too seriously.

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Graphs don't lie...
OK, well sometimes they do but this one tells a story. For more info click on this link to see the full story. They're old numbers but they're the best we could fine and they do the job. More of you prefer GoDaddy to the others out there. No company is entirely perfect, but in deciding if GoDaddy is good, and if they're good for you, it's comforting to deal with a company trusted by others. But don't take our word for it, click on the links within this site for special deals. Then tell us your experience through the blog...
Why should I register through this site?
Let's get one thing straight - we arent working for GoDaddy here...
You register through anyone you choose. And it's important you have that choice. It's reassuring sometimes to know that others have used a company and that their opinions count. The webmasters who have put this site together all agree that, on average, GoDaddy are a reputable company that can be trusted. That's all. If you like that recommendation and you feel it's worth something, then click on the discount links you'll find here. That does a couple of things - it keeps them honest, since we can ensure you get looked after. It's also generally cheaper. So if you wanus to keep this site active, click with confidence.
Are you sure you're not working for them?
Relax... we arent secret GoDaddy agents!
We just think it's worth knowing that as webmasters, we trust GoDaddy. If that means something to you, we're happy:-)

What happens if it goes wrong...

by Peter Beggs


I remember a time like that. And yes, only one. It happened in my early days with the web. A client asked me to register their domain. I duly did so through my trusty "nonameregistrar" company. 12 months later the client asked me to renew. That was my "Oh-oh" moment.
You see in just 12 months a lot had changed at my registrar. They'd gone bust for one thing. They'd also done a number of really annoying things in the meantime. Like sell the rights to their registrar database to another company who, believe it or not, had also gone bust. Can you see my problem?
Only after a series of very long international phone calls, and some master sleuthing [even if I do say

so myself] was I able to locate the new registrar. Eventually, and I mean SEVEN HOURS OF PHONE CALLS eventually I tracked down the latest company who held the registrar rights.

Now the real trouble began. This company did not want to so easily give up their hold on the domain I wanted to re-register. Understandly I didnt want them continuing to hold it.

The ensuing conversation went something like this:

"I'd like to transfer the domain please", said I.

"But how do I know you are authorised to do that," they said.

"Well I have the owner right next to me," I lied. Clutching for straws I said, "He's Chinese. I'll put him on."

Now why I decided the client had to be chinese is still a mystery to me. But, there you have it. So now of course I donned my best Chinese accent...

"Howow, dis is Mister Ling"

"But your name on the registrar details is Baracheck," they coolly responded.

"Yes", I said. "Baracheck-Ling. It hyphennnated."

"Oh, thanks Mr Bara-ling," she said. "I'll sort that now for you. Can you put Peter back on."

And that was it. Domain transfer enacted. Now the point is I shouldnt have had to go through all that in the first place, and secondly, who ever heard of a dumber excuse for why I wanted to transfer.

So when they asked me to write this piece, I guess I wanted to offer some advice: Deal with a registrar you know, like GoDaddy, cause the alternative can be scary.

All the best,


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